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Home Theater and Audio System Design

No luck finding a combination of products that meet all of your home theater and/or hi-end audio needs? We can help.

The problem:

  • You've spent years perfecting your two-channel audio system, but now you also want a home theater.
  • You have a home theater, but you are not satified with the way music sounds from it.
  • You have found great products in the marketplace, but they all want you to choose: Home theater audio, or high-end music reproduction.
  • You've discovered that home theater audio does not do justice to music, but systems optimized for music do not deliver the full home theater experience.

JAH Information Design can give you the best of both worlds:

  • Custom Design:
    Based on your requirements, we can design a single-box system that can integrate with your existing equipment, or build a completely new system.
  • Installation:
    We can assess your sound space or theater and make recommendations, or update your sound space or theater as necessary as part of installation.


  • Initial consultation and requirements development: $150
  • System Design and delivery cost will depend on requirements

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