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Vinyl Conversion to HiRes Digital

Preserve your precious vinyl record collectables and enjoy them at their digital best.

Let's face it. You have vinyl records in your collection that will never be reissued on CD, and even if they are reissued, the production CD will provide inferior sound compared to the vinyl. What's worse is that each time you play that irreplaceable vinyl record, you are destroying it.

Buying digital copies of your cherished vinyl records from Amazon or ITunes, et al., if you can find copies, gets you low fidelity MP3s (a compromised digital format developed to satisfy the outdated need to save digital storage space) that sound awful on a high resolution audio system.

JAH Information Design can come to the rescue with a complete vinyl-to-digital conversion process:

  • Vinyl record cleaning:
    We will professionally clean your vinyl record using a VPI HW-17 to ensure minimal playback surface noise.
  • Realtime playback:
    Your vinyl record will be played at normal speed on an audiophile-grade turntable equipped with a Benz-Micro moving coil cartridge.
  • Analog-to-digital conversion:
    Your vinyl record will be converted to a 24-bit, 96KHz sample-rate FLAC file (24-bit 192 KHz is also available) that captures all the subtle nuance available from your vinyl recording.
  • Cover art:
    We will scan and include in your FLAC file the album cover art, if available.
  • Standard CD or MP3 file available for an additional fee:
    In addition to the FLAC file, we can make a standard CD or an MP3 file available to you for an additional fee.


  • Basic HiRes conversion (24/96): $35/record
  • Super HiRes conversion (24/192): $45/record
  • Basic HiRes conversion plus standard CD or MP3 file: $45/record
  • Super HiRes conversion plus standard CD or MP3 file: $55/record

All fees include return shipping and handling.

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