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Information Sites

General information on eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Note that although you can effectively manage content without XML, the value in using an open-source, ASCII-based language such as XML is compatability, portability and extensibility.

XML Forums

Questions and answers, gripes, and general discussion among XML users, developers and managers.

XML Tools

Many editor companies offer thier own versions of repositories as well as format-processing (publishing) tools. However, these combination systems sometimes add non-open standard code to their XML that may cause compatibility problems should you later change tools.

  • PTC's Arbortext -- An XML editor. Arbortext also offers processing tools (proprietary and XSL) for the production of HTML help, web pages, and PDF files.
  • Altova's XML Spy -- A suite of tools for XML, XML schema, and XSL editing.
  • JUST Systems' XMetaL -- An XML editor.


Lots of offerings out there. They all claim XML capability; however, the more native to XML's hierarchical nature, the better. The following short list shows Content Management Systems designed specifically to handle structured documents.

Other Content Managers

There are tons of content managers; so, this is hardly an exhaustive list. The companies listed are content management companies who have been managing content in native and proprietary formats for years, and have the potential to be serious players in the XML content management space if they play their cards right.


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